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Pet Hotel

Our Pet Hotel is a place designed for the accommodation, fun and well-being of pets. Our Chill & Out area for dogs and owners, swimming pool, spa, multiple parks service of leisure, Agility training or listening to classical music are some of the whims of those who enjoy your dog. We have pleasant interior rooms as well as welcoming foreign parks so you can choose the perfect corner for it. Our hotel has the comforts of home, as well as the activities of a holiday, so you can relax while you’re away from your pet. In addition, for your convenience, if you are going to travel by plane you can leave your car in our hotel, we will bring you to the airport and pick you up at by return, and taking care of your vehicle and your pet.

Enjoy your holiday knowing that your dog is in good hands. Your pet will be happy to receive you when you return.

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  • Pet Hotel
  • Airport service
  • Home delivery
  • Spa
  • Agility training and play park


All kind of pets are accepted.

Let your pet have fun, make friends, relax in our hotel while you are doing it too. It´s not necessary to bring your own food, we use high quality food. However, if your pet has a special diet or is sensitive to food change, you can bring his own food in and don´t get problems.

For your own peace and calm you will receive a weeklyl video by Whatsapp and see how much fun they have.
We have 24h vigilance and veterinary.

It is required to present the updated Veterinary Book or Passport in order to board your pet in.


  • Dogs: From 11€ a night
  • Cats: 12€ a night
  • Birds: 6€ a night.
  • Others: Price on request.

We have special prices for long stays:

  • 15 or more days, the price is 1€ lower per day.
  • For more than a month, the price is upon request.

In case your pet needs medication or daily treatment price increases 1€.

Sundays: Although pets are taken care 24h per day everyday of the year, on Sundays we are closed for the public. In case we have to give you service on Sunday, the price will be 12 € more.


If you are going by travel by plane from Alicante, leave your car in our hotel, we take you to the airport (5 min) and pick you up when you come back. Your car and pet will be waiting for you!

Or if you prefer that we pick you up at home and take you to the airport, we do that as well! When you come back, we pick you up in the airport and take you home.

Parking Service is free for new customers. After  the price is 1€/day. This service is only for customers who lodge their pets in our hotel.

Price: Elche and around 10€.
Rest of cities price upon request.


We have delivery service, so you do not have to scroll to the hotel. We pick your dog up at home and we return him when his stay ends.

Price: Elche and around 10€.
Rest of cities price upon request.



Standard Bathing
Includes hot bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, drying, brushing and perfume.
Price: 10€

Deluxe Bathing
Includes hot bath including anti-parasite shampoo, relaxing massage, nail trim, ear cleaning, drying, pad trimming and face trimming, anal glands mink oil brushing and perfume.
Price: 15€

We use high quality dog beauty products in our spa service.


For the bigger dogs over 10kg we give 15% discount over the normal price.


The Agility training is a funny way to exercise physically and mentally for your dog, all breeds can practice it. The Agility and Play Park is a fantastic way for hyper active dogs to lose their energy, socialization and a good way to remain active. Some of the skills that can be developed with this kind of training are self-confidence of your dog, motivation, attention, good character and, of course, fitness. All thanks to positive reinforcement, play, a bit of patience and a lot of love.
Here is never a dull moment!