Dog Coach Training

Suzan van Cleef is a dog coach and  one of the most interesting aspects about dogs to her, is the way they communicate. Dogs speak their own language, but in a completely different way. She became passionate about teaching people this language and how to work with their dog in a natural way. She realised that’s the key to a healthy relationship. Truly understanding dogs will gain their trust, willingness and out of their free will they will do anything for you. Her dog Jab (Dutch Shepherd x Belgian Malinois) and she communicate in a way that he “rewards her when she got it right and helps her when she got it wrong” (like Jan Fennell describes it). She learned a lot from her dog because he reflects her behaviour. In her training programs she shares this knowledge in an easy and understandable way.



 In 2004 I began volunteering in a shelter in Holland where I observed the behaviour of thousands of shelter dogs. Together with experienced dog trainers we developed a professional team of volunteers who wanted to give the shelter dogs a second chance and a better life in a home that suited them.

At the shelter I came in touch with a Dog Training Centre in the south of Holland. I developed my passion for coaching and teaching people to understand their dogs better and to communicate in a more efficient way with each other. I did everything from raising, training and socializing a puppy to considerably more complicated behavioral issues.

So, what’s the secret to a well-behaved dog?

The starting point is to speak the same language to become a true leader to your dog.
I will demonstrate and teach you what it really means and you will see immediate changes in your dog’s behaviour.
With the right knowledge, methods and coaching you will create the perfect relationship with your dog so he will naturally follow you as his pack leader.